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Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story by Cheryl Lee Petro

Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story

by Cheryl Lee Petro

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Sept 2, 2013:

It's nice to be mentioned in other peoples blogs/sites! Thanks!!! Coastal BC Surf Blog!!

Aug 8, 2013:

JUST RELEASED!!! Liquid Comfort is now for sale!!!
Find us on Amazon: CLICK HERE TO ORDER!!!

June 1, 2012:

So close!! Liquid Comfort is getting closer and closer to being released. Won't be long now... Until then"like" our page on facebook for a chance to WIN a FREE copy!!

May 26, 2012:

Well winter has passed and several people are wondering why I have yet to publish Liquid Comfort. I assure you it is ALMOST done. :) There were a few scenes that need improvement and a couple that needed to be written and added into the book. I have written them now and am just doing some final revisions. Should be done soon and available for purchase!!! Keep watching for it!!!

Oct 25, 2011:

Got the second proof. Should have this one done by the end of the week :)

Oct 2, 2011, 2011:

Second Proof of Liquid Comfort ordered. So close. Will be available on Amazon soon!! Now working on "Damn You". Hopefully I can get over my writer's block and get some of these scenes finished.

Aug 27th, 2011:

Rockpiles is one of my favorite places on the North Shore. There's just something about watching this wave, and the way it breaks on the rocks. I'm always blown away by the sheer power of it. So raw, so stunning. Heres a couple pictures I took:

Aug 26, 2011:

GOT THE BOOK today in the mail!! Very first copy ever and I've already marked it up with tons of revisions. It was a very happy day to actually see it in print. Carried it around with me for most of the day. :)

Aug 23, 2011:

IT'S OFFICIAL. JUST ORDERED THE FIRST EVER COPY OF THE BOOK :) :) :)...waiting on pins and needles until it arrives in the mail :)

Feb 27, 2011:

Final Edit recieved and PAGES away from being done the last revisions on Liquid Comfort. Thanks to my editor, Jane Haertel for all her great help!!! It will SOON be in print :) :) FINALLY. Let me know by email if you'd like to reserve a copy :) YAY!!!!!

Aug 23, 2011:

Apr 2, 2010:

Just a teaser for my new book, "Damn You". Playing around with some cover ideas and artwork in Illustrator and Photoshop. Sometimes I need a break from writing lol.


Last and final trip to Hawaii to research the little bit I have left. Went with my mom making it also a mother/daughter trip. :)

NOV 28, 2010:

Decided on a book cover. Now if only I could finish the book lol.

NOV 24, 2010:

Back to working on Liquid Comfort. Gotta finish! I promised I would!!!
PIPELINE - Best wave in the world:

Apr 16, 2010:

Still super excited about this new book, "Damn You"! I've been writing and writing and writing. Keep watch for more information!! :)

Mar 4, 2010:

Had a new idea for a book. Have started writing it. Title: Damn You. Premise: An angel has to judge a human life. That's all I'll say for now. I know my friends and family are anxiously waiting (still) for Liquid Comfort, and I haven't forgotten it!! Just a long process. In the meantime, super excited to have a new project and can't wait for BOTH of these books to be finished someday and on people's bookshelves :)

Jan 5, 2010:

Travis's secret surf spot...or what I imagine it to look like :)

Sep 1, 2009:

Song Inspiration:

July 22, 2009:

Book Cover Ideas :) I think I like the second one...but it needs something else.

May 2, 2009:

Liquid Comfort is coming along slowly...but hopefully out soon. It always amazes me how much research there is to do. In the last year, with the story turning more towards Devin, I've mostly been researching drug addiction, rehab, etc. And looking forward to my next Hawaii trip!

Jan 25, 2009:

Waimea going OFF!!! Took this picture on my second trip to Hawaii:

Oct, 24, 2008

Some song inspiration: Katie Herzig...love her.

Sep 2, 2008:

Me on Sandy Beach


Third Research Trip, 2008. With my best friend Steve. We had an amazing trip, exploring and finding all kinds of hidden places. Steve took his first surfing lesson, and I caught some waves as well. :)

Aug 22, 2007

This song has been such an inspiration to my writing of this book, and in my mind, it's the song Carl and Devin sing at the end around the bonfire :)


April 21, 2007

There are so many surfers from the North Shore, who are willing to help out and answer questions about my book. What great people!! I so appreciate the time and the help. Bryce, Skip, Casey, Jerry, Aza, Andy, Charles!!! MAHALO and ALOHAZ!!!

Jan 8, 2007

Would like to thank CINDY MAY from ASP International, for answering a lot of questions about the world championship tour. She was extremely knowledgeable and it WAS A BIG HELP!!! MAHALO!!!!!

Jan 2, 2007

Writers block, so I did some fooling around with some pictures today on photoshop, making Travis surf. It helps when I can picture him in my head.


My friend Tyler got us some cheap tickets to Hawaii, and I was able to finally go do some more research. We had so much fun, staying at the Beachside Hostel and walking around in Travis's footsteps. North Shore Lifequard Jerry B volunteered to take us around to most of the surf points and told me all them. Managed to visit: Sunset, Pipe, Rocky Point, Chuns, and Rockpiles. So glad for Jerry's help! He definitely clarified a lot of things for me. What an amazing trip!! THANKS TYLER!!! AND THANKS JERRY!!!!

MORE PICTURES I TOOK OF SURFERS. (Some of these are from my first research trip to Hawaii with Rob in 2005)

July 6, 2006:

I did some more searching online and came up with this little collage of random people who I think would look like my characters. I don't even know where I found all these pictures (didn't keep track) so I really hope it's okay to use them!

July 3, 2006:

So I was looking online and found someone that looks EXACTLY as Travis does in my mind. And his name just happens to be....TRAVIS (Fimmel) haha. I had a pretty good laugh about this today. He really IS Travis!!!....at least to me.


My first research trip to Hawaii in 2005. I spent much time on the North Shore and surfed for the first time since I was a child. It was something I'd dreamed of for so many years that it seemed surreal. I got up on the board the very first try and was estatic that I remembered how to surf. They were small waves, but I had a grin from ear to ear the entire time. Thanks Rob for taking me to my dream place!!

July 1, 2006

Waikiki when I was 8 years old. First surf instructor, Kimo. I had such a crush on him haha